My first travel post! I went to Iloilo last December 2014 to attend a wedding with my mom. I’ll only be showing you snippets of my stay there because I wasn’t able to take photos of all the places we went to.

We stayed at Diversion 21 hotel because that was where the wedding reception was held.


We went to Museo Iloilo on our second day. It was small and has an entrance fee (Php 15.00 for students and 50.00 for adults)



On our last day, we went church-tripping (haha) The wedding was held at Jaro Cathedral. We also went to Molo Church and Miag-ao Church (but we weren’t able to go inside)




Word of advice when travelling or when you’re in a new place: E X P L O R E. I felt lazy on our trip to Iloilo thus, the lack of photos and knowledge about the place. Maybe I’ll go back there someday and get to know the province more. Anyway, it was my first travel after like 2 years haha another beginning yet again!


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