Out with the old, in with the new

So I just edited my ‘About’ page (it’s at the sidebar, check it out if you want) and since I stated there my love for nature, well, here is an evidence. Snippets of guess what… (hint: title)

F L O W E R S (yaaay)





I don’t know if it’s just me but I prefer to take photos of sceneries and things rather than people. I mean if I see a pretty view,  I don’t want to pose in front of it and just use it for background.  I’m okay with just having a photo of the view. Am I making sense? Maybe it’s just me haha

Anyway, I captured these photos from walks in the morning around the village (my neighbors have nice flowers), and parks. The last photo is one of my fave because pollination and way of life and it’s nice. I like it.

So friendly reminder to go outside and just appreciate nature, number one sign of life and being alive! Hooray! Happy Monday!

P.S. blume is german for ‘flower’ just in case you didn’t know


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