Let Her Dance

k wala lang

I’m about to embark beyond my comfort zone and whenever I attempt to do this I just get so anxious. So, I made a really random collage thingy of some of my favorite people and stuff I just felt like putting on. I just recently watched Fantastic Mr. Fox (u should watch 11/10 would recommend) and I have been listening to Gorillaz’s new album, Humanz (11/10 would also recommend).

I haven’t posted anything for a long time and in this moment of absolute discomfort and anxiousness, I admit defeat. But by stepping back for a moment, it allows me to breathe and then make a big leap forward.

By the way, the background color I used is called ‘Natural Optimism’, designed by PANTONE Color and Twinings infusion in an attempt to bring back optimism to everyday life despite all the depressing events happening around the world.

I don’t think this the perfect comeback but at least I finally posted something again. Cheers to a new month! Here’s to moving forward.

Note: Photos aren’t mine. It’s just a totally random thing to ease off my stress and anxiety.


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